Now it’s all go.  Well, I actually started this site about two months ago. But I’ve been thinking about how I should approach this endeavour. Should I just post recipes? Or should I just blog about food I like, taking pictures of just about everything I eat, rating it from one to ten? Well, I’ve decided no. Having spoken to an experienced blogger-friend, I’ve decided to make this personal. I’m going to write about food that I like, food that gets me excited and stuff I enjoy cooking or haven’t cooked yet. You can go to thousands of sites in this food-porn saturated internet, so I’m hoping you’ll come here for some musings you might be able to relate to, as well as the odd recipe on food that’s fun to cook and good to eat with friends.

Here we go, the first post.

I’ve always had a weird love-hate relationship with grub, having grown up a big lad who’s always been told to watch what he eats. I know it’s something I shouldn’t have too much of, but I love nonetheless. So I’m going to take one day a week, probably Sunday, to cook up some good eats and talk about them.  I’m going to whip up the best food I can, drawing upon hours of the Food Channel, VICE Munchies, my mother’s cooking and my travels.

Thanks to a nomadic upbringing, I’ve been fortunate enough to travel a lot. I don’t care for the sites, I seek out the weirdest and most wonderful food and those who make it. Some of my best memories involve food. Whether it was a lamb on the spit somewhere in Croatia, that crumbly, salty slice of feta atop a Greek salad on Seriphos or a tripe tagine in Marrakesh, it all gets me excited. Food is part of my being. If you look the world over, you’ll see that people spend hours, sometimes days, on their food.

Mandalay’s markets provided me some serious inspiration for this site.

When I wake up, I think about breakfast. Once that’s over, lunch, then dinner. I constantly think about this stuff. I don’t so much think about the new taco-cum-burger at an American fast food outlet (although sometimes my interest is piqued), more the new food truck smoking meats or making fresh tacos. What I mean to say it that the longing is always there. It’s always lingering in the back of my mind like an ex-girlfriend, as each and every meal culminates in a break-up. That lingering feeling is something I want to make the most of though. I want to get it all out there: dwelling on the flavours, textures and feelings of that past relationship.

I’m taking a wee journey to see whether what I cook is really worth eating and what I say is really worth reading. So bear with me as I make this relatively blind journey into epicurean corners of my kitchen, hopefully finding my way to good food. Because I’m allotting myself just about an entire day for cooking, the food will generally be slow food. Because in my opinion, slow food is the best food. If you don’t agree with me, get off this website. Off to McShitBurger Jr’s with you!

U Bein Bridge, crossing Mandalay’s Taungthaman Lake, was prime spot for fishermen.

Still here? Excellent. My philosophy on food is simple: if its delicious, eat it. If it’s not delicious, try again. Try again and tinker, play with your food. Put the time in and you’ll reap the rewards. My plan is to use you, yes you, as my muse. I’m going to write and cook, eat and celebrate all things delicious. Whether it be a delicious bratwurst, a simple grilled-cheese or a fat-ass steak, I hope you’ll take something away from my gastro-research.

For fucking succulent grub you’ll want to wrap your laughing gear around, watch this space.


It’s not in Myanmar, this is jerk chicken, it’s something you might expect a recipe for.

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