Peter Gordon’s Turkish eggs

Breakfast is the one meal that seems to divide people. It seems these days, increasingly, people just don’t seem to care for it. If they do they’re pulverising a fruit-bowl into a bottle then running out the door with it tucked in their bag, or eating some god-awful good-for-you-bar laden with that day’s ‘super foods’, ancient grains full of life-extending omega-antioxidants.

I’m one of those who is not bothered with breakfast. I turn up to work with an empty tum, fill it with coffee and continue with my day. It slowly kicks into gear, from first to second, a little kick-back and third. Finally, I might find myself in fifth, if I’m lucky. This is why I’m going to start trying to have breakfast, a substantial one, every day.

Well, it’s not the only reason why. There are two other reasons. The second is because I love eggs. They’re wonderful, there’s no reason I need to substantiate this argument. Hell, I say they’re better than bacon. The third is I like to eat, and just the other day I found a breakfast treat that’s worth having more than once.

I had recently visited a buffalo farm south of Auckland, where I ended up milking a large bovid. For my troubles, I ended up bagging an amount of Clevedon Valley Bufallo Co products. In there was mozzarella, ricotta, and a good amount of yogurt. If you’ve not tried buffalo yogurt, stop reading and go find some.

This is the recipe I followed, with the addition of bufallo yogurt, courtesy of Peter Gordon himself. I have to say it’s probably the best breakfast I’ve had in 2017. Make sure to toast some seriously good bread to mop up the leftover yogurt, yolk and buttery mixture.





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